BraBall, the original patented bra saver

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See the BraBall® bra saver in action.

BraBall®, the original bra saver, will:
  • Launder brassieres without damage.
  • Maintain the flattering contour of padded bras.
  • Protect bras from tangling and snagging.
  • Save you money by keeping your bras looking like new.
  • Save you time – no more hand washing bras!

The BraBall® bra saver makes a great gift too – for a friend, mother, sister, girlfriend, wife, or any woman who wears a bra!

Holds 1–3 bras for:
U.S. sizes: 30–36 AA, A, B and C
EURO//Japan sizes? 65–80 A, B, C, D
UK sizes: 30–36 A, B, C, D
AUS/NZ sizes: 8–14 AA, A, B, C
Belgium/Spain/France: 80–95 A, B, C, D
Made in USA

Made in the USA

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Buy three or more BraBall® bra savers and get a $5.00 DISCOUNT per BraBall®!
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Not sure of your size? Use the International Bra Size Conversion

The bra size converter can be used to convert your bra size to all international bra sizes. Simply select your bra size from the drop-down list which
corresponds to the sizing scale used in your country, and the equivalent sizes in all other international standards will be displayed.

B / E / F
I / CZ*

US = United States of America. UK = United Kingdom. EU = Europe. JAP = Japan. AUS = Australia. NZ = New Zealand. B = Belgium. E = Spain. F = France. P = Portugal. I = Italy. CZ = Czech Republic.

* The scale shown here for Italy and the Czech Republic is included for historical reasons.
Most, if not all, manufacturers in these countries have switched to using the European standard sizing system (EU).

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