BraBall, the original patented bra saver

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How to Wash a Bra 101:

4) Fold the right bra cup over onto the inner chamber
and tuck the bra straps into the hollow compartment.
How to wash your bra

5) Close completely,
making sure all
bra components
are inside.
How to hand wash a bra easily

6) Place in washing
machine. Use delicate/
hand wash cycle and
cold water only.

bra wash, bra cleaning in machine

7) Drying bras in the dryer is NOT recommended. Dryer heat will cause
bras to shrink, lose elasticity, and expand the underwire causing
it to tear through the fabric. Always hang dry your bras or let them air-dry
inside the BraBall® bra saver. DO NOT put the BraBall laundry device
in the dryer.

Watch an instructional video to see the BraBall® bra saver in action.

Made in USA

Made in the USA

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