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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

  1. Made in USA

    Made in the USA

    Is the BraBall difficult to open with your hands?

    ANSWER: The BraBall is easy to open if you open it correctly. It is designed to be opened by the gentleness of your fingers and not by the brutal force of the washing machine. To open the BraBall correctly,

    1) Hold the BraBall with your left hand.
    2) PUSH DOWN on the teeth of the latching mechanism with your right hand thumb and at the same time PULL UP STRONGLY on the rim usingyour right hand index and middle finger.

    Note: Using fingers from the SAME hand to do the pushing and pulling necessary to open the BraBall is much easier because you'll be able to feel when the teeth release from the lip. Only your fingers can push and pull at the same time–your washing machine can't do that! This is why your BraBall will remain closed in the washing machine, wash after wash. There is a video demonstration at

  2. Is it possible to wash more than one bra in the unit at a time?

    ANSWER: Yes, each BraBall bra saver holds 1 heavily padded bra, 2 semi–padded OR 3 non–padded. To wash more than one bra, all you have to do is stack them on top of one another.

  3. The instructions say to place the bra breast side up in the outer chamber. Does this mean the cups of padded bras get pushed inside out?

    ANSWER: The instructions to place the bra breast side up in the outer chamber mean to say that if you were to take your bra off, you would lay it down into the BraBall with the front side of the bra touching the outer chamber and the breast side of the bra touching the inner ball. Another way to put it is the breast side of your bras should be staring at you as you place your bras into the outer chamber. If you look at the design of the BraBall, you will notice that it curves to the curvature of your padded bras to preserve their original curvature. There is a video demonstration of this on the home page of our website at

  4. Should the BraBall bra saver be washed by itself in the washing machine?

    ANSWER: You can use the BraBall by itself or with other clothing in the washing machine. It works better if you wash it with other clothing.

  5. Can BraBall bra saver be thrown in with other clothes? Can it be run through the warm or hot cycle?

    ANSWER: The BraBall may definitely be thrown in with other clothes. You can run it through warm water, but not hot. Hot water will ruin the elasticity of your bra straps by permanently stretching them, causing you to have to pull your bra straps up all the time.

  6. If washed by itself will the bras be cleaned effectively?

    ANSWER: Yes, definitely.

  7. We have a front–loading large capacity washer. Will it be possible to put two BraBalls in the same load, along with other clothes?

    ANSWER: The BraBall works especially well in a front–loading washing machine. You can put as many BraBalls in a load as you like. You should definitely put the BraBalls in with other clothing when you can because your clothes will be cleaner thanks to the extra agitation the BraBall provides. Watch the video demonstration on the home page of our website at We use a front–loading washing machine on the video and we wash three BraBalls at a time.

  8. Can I use the BraBall in a top–loading washer machine?

    ANSWER: The BraBall can be use in all kinds of washing machines, including a regular top–loading washing machine and a regular front–loading washing machine. It can also be used in a top–loading HE washer and a front–loading HE washer.

  9. Why should I have to continue using the gentle/cold water cycle with the BraBall?

    ANSWER: Cold water is better at removing stains, dirt, and perspiration from your bras. Hot water will set stains. The gentle cycle is also better because the spin cycle is gentler on your bras, keeping them from bunching up. The washing machine normally spins at a speed of over 1,000 rotations per minute so it can completely rinse water out of your clothes. To prevent the check–marked pattern, please use the delicate cycle.

  10. The bra is totally enclosed in a cage–like device so there is no mechanical action on the bra in the washing machine. How does the bra get clean?

    ANSWER: With more than 472 holes throughout the BraBall, bras are held in a position for the support and protection they need, yet at the same time the strong force of the water propelled by the agitator is able to thoroughly clean them, just as it cleans all of the other items in the wash! After thousands of tests, we have truly perfected the best way to launder bras.

  11. Can the BraBall be added to a wash load with other delicate clothing?

    ANSWER: Yes, in fact it works even better if you use the BraBall with other clothing, even with delicates.

  12. Will the BraBall damage the other delicate clothing in the wash load?

    ANSWER: No, the BraBall is completely smooth inside and out to prevent damage to other clothing in the wash. We've tested BraBall over 1,000 times under actual washing conditions, and we've found it works well even with delicate fabrics.

  13. Why is only cold water recommended?

    ANSWER: We recommend only cold water because hot water and sometimes warm water will stretch the bra straps, causing them to lose elasticity. Hot water will also set any stains that may be on your garments.

  14. Is it safe to wash with warm water and rinse with cold water?

    ANSWER: Yes

  15. How will the water be extracted from the bras at the end of the wash cycle since the bras are contained in the BraBall?

    ANSWER: Water will be absorbed and extracted from the bras due to the 472+ holes throughout the BraBall as well as the agitation and spin cycle of the washing machine.

  16. Can I put the BraBall in the dryer?

    ANSWER: No. Dryer heat will cause bra cups to shrink and wrinkle, bra straps to lose elasticity, and underwires to expand and tear through the fabric. Always hang dry your bras. Do NOT place the BraBall in the dryer.

  17. It says clearly in the manual not to use the BraBall in the dryer. What is your suggestion for drying?

    ANSWER: To dry your bras, you have three options: line dry, lay it on a flat surface or hang it on a hanger. In 3–4 hours your bras will be completely dry and ready to be use again.

  18. Does the BraBall work with front closure bras?

    ANSWER: Absolutely! It works especially well if you keep the front closure bras latched closed when you insert them into the BraBall.

  19. Will the BraBall fit in all top loading machines? Is it possible to return if it doesn't fit mine?

    ANSWER: Some people who have had a washer seemingly too small to fit the BraBall will open the BraBall to fit it in around the agitator, then close it once it's inside the washing machine. If this method is unsatisfactory for you, then of course we will gladly take it back and issue a refund. Just complete the form linked here and mail it back with your BraBall and packing list.

  20. What are the dimensions of the BraBall? Will it fit in my top–loading washing machine?

    ANSWER: The BraBall measures 6¼ x 6 x 6 ¼ inches. Therefore, the distance between your agitator and the wall of your washing machine must be at least 6 ½ inches wide in order to properly fit the BraBall. We will be making a more compact BraBall in the near future. Please email us here and ask to put your name on the waiting list to be notified of the release of the smaller, more compact sized BraBall, and you will also receive $5 off when it becomes available!

  21. How long will the BraBall last? What is the warranty on it?

    ANSWER: Our warranty covers proper use of your BraBall for one year, however you can expect that your BraBall will last you for years to come. On the other hand, it is a mechanical device undergoing over 1,000 rotations per minute in the washing machine each time you use it. At that rate, it simply cannot last forever.

  22. What if I just placed my order and accidentally ordered 1 BraBalls instead of 3?

    ANSWER: If this happens, please place a new order with the correct amount of BraBalls you want and let us know to cancel your original order. We do not store our customers' credit card information and therefore cannot make changes ourselves once an order is placed.

  23. Can I order the BraBall by mail and pay by check?

    ANSWER: Yes, you can order by mail. Just use our website to enter how many BraBalls you plan to order so that it will calculate the shipping cost and sales tax if any. Then, send us a check along with the shipping address and your phone number. Also, please indicate how many BraBalls you're buying on the bottom left hand corner of your check. As soon as your check clears, we will ship your order out. We will email your tracking number if you give us your email address. We will only call you if your address is invalid or if we have other questions regarding your order.

  24. Do you ship to APO addresses?

    ANSWER: Yes, we ship to all military addresses.

  25. How can I order a BraBall if I live in Canada?

    ANSWER: You can place Canadian order on our website. On the drop down box (where the default setting is the U.S.), click Canada and then choose from the list of Canadian provinces that show up in the state dropdown box.

  26. When will the larger size BraBall be available for sale? Can I use the current size BraBall if I wear a 38C?

    ANSWER: The current size BraBall will NOT fit your bras if you wear anything other than 32–36 AA, A, B or C. We recommend that you wait for the larger size version of our BraBall which will be available within the next 4–5 months. We will notify you when the larger size BraBall becomes available if you fill out the Contact Us form at We will also offer you a $5 discount just for being on the waiting list! We have been working on the new design for the last three years and cannot wait to launch it.

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