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Testimonials: What people say about BraBall®

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"I received my BraBall order a few months ago, and after testing them (I purchased two) on plain underwire and underwire lace bras, I wrote to all my female friends and family members (and a couple of males I thought might need gift ideas), recommending this wonderful product. I have now been using them both about once a week for months, and I am delighted with how easy and tidy (I used to have bras soaking in containers all over the house) the process is. I have to say that after the first use the instructions aren't needed--it is really a simple, self-explanatory, timesaving object. (And bras get much cleaner than by hand!) The underwire and lace stays in perfect shape as well, which is the whole point, of course. This is a great and much-needed invention! Finally!"
Karisha K.
Bloomington, IN

"I purchased the BraBall device as a gift for my roommate and we now fight over it! It's much sturdier than other products of its kind and its superior design prevents straps or other parts of the garment from escaping. I hope to soon call a truce with the roommate and have a washing machine full of BraBalls! Thanks for making such a great product! SO much better than the Bra Baby."
Heather Schmidt
St. Paul, MN

"I was so excited to receive my BraBall! It was the best investment I made and I couldn't be happier. I purchased one for myself and another as a gift. I used to hand wash all of my bras and now I just throw them in the washer. They smell fresh and clean and my bras still look like new. I couldn't be any happier! This has to be the best invention since tampons and I highly recommend this product to everyone of you ladies. With the guarantee that comes with each BraBall bra saver, you have nothing to lose."
Shannon R.

As someone who has mostly "hand wash only" bras, I was beginning to feel pretty annoyed with the whole washing and rinsing my bras in the bathroom sink. It took way too long and way too much effort. I found reviews for the Braball bra saver online somewhere, and after reading the many positive reviews, I thought I'd give it a try. I have to say that I am very, very impressed. The Braball device keep my bras in perfect shape, with no creases or marks, and the straps stay firmly in place too. It has made doing laundry soo much easier, and I love that I no longer have to pull sopping wet bras out from my bathroom sink. I HIGHLY recommend it for anyone with delicates, especially Victoria's Secret bras, because it really works! Thanks!
Melissa Y.
Mokena, IL

Dear Folks at Braballs,
I am very happy with your product.  It is well made and protects my bras from getting misshapen in the wash.  I highly recommend the Braball bra saver!  I think it is a wonderful invention.  Thanks to the genius who designed it! Best regards,
Denise B.
Franklin, NC

The braball bra saver is fantastic!  I no longer have to scrub bras by hand!  I bought them for myself and then got more for my mom and sister.  Every woman I know should own one!
April L.
Laveen, AZ

"I LOVE my new BraBall bra saver. It is so much faster and easier than washing my bras by hand. I was going to go for a cheaper version (like the bra baby) but read so many reviews from owners of both and decided to go with the BraBall bra saver. I am so glad I did! This is an awesome invention! It is so sturdy, it doesn't come apart in the wash, it keeps the shape of my bra's, & it wash's them better than they come out when I do it by hand! I give them out as gifts and all the recipient's LOVE it! Thank you BraBall!! "
Stephanie W.
Havelock, NC

I have been very pleased with the BraBall bra saver. Other similar products have broken after a few months but these are very sturdy and provide the protection I need for my expensive bras. I suggest them to all of my friends.
Nancy R.
Whittier, CA

I have had the bra ball bra saver for almost a year now and the new bras I bought back then still look and fit the same.  The best thing is that my sports bras fit in the ball too and it keeps them from stretching.  No more tangled bras with other clothes or around the center spinner.
Christine G.
Fort Myers, FL

Wash victoria's Secret bras with Bra Ball"I just want you to know that I purchased 2 of your bra savers for the free shipping and I wish I would have bought more! I love them. I recommend them for any female out there who loves buying Victoria's Secret bras, but hates having to hand wash them. I will definitely purchase more and will probably use these things for the rest of my life. Thank you for your hard work and dedication in this wonderful product!"
Liane F.
Goodfellow AFB, TX

The Braball bra saver is a great invention.  My bras come out undamaged and in their original shape. 
Sarah K.
Chicago, IL

I like my bra ball bra saver. The only thing I wish it came in a bigger size. My bra fits in it but just is a little snug.  But my over all satisfaction with it is great. I love not having to wash all my bras by hand anymore.
April G.
Honeyville, UT

The BraBall bra saver is a fantastic idea. The product is durable and easy to use. Attached is a picture of me and my sister (who I sent a braball to for Mother's Day).
Tam T.
Willowbrook, IL

I am very impressed with your product and have now started to buy the Braball bra saver as gifts.
Many thanks again for your great product.
Siobhan B.
Chicago, IL

I love my BraBall bra saver. When I spend $52 on a bra, I want it to last. I have had bras rip, come out out of shape and fill different. With the BraBall they never tear or rip, always come out looking and feeling great. I am very happy with buying this product.
Sandy S.
Franklin, TN

The bra ball bra saver works great.  In the past, I always worried how my bras would turn out from the wash.  They would lose their shape or the pads would be ruined.  The bra ball keeps the bra's original shape, which is great since bras can be expensive! Thanks!
Laura O.
Las Cruces, NM

I love my bra saver!!  It is very sturdy and does not come open in the washer.  I love that it has the middle compartment to put the straps.  Since buying it, I don't have to worry about my expensive bras losing their shape or getting stretched out in the wash.  Great investment! Thanks!
Andrea G.
Amarillo, TX

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to give you feedback. The braball bra saver is great! It was easy to use and it absolutely works. My very expensive bras are protected throughout the washing machine's cycle, I hang them to dry, and they are as good as new. This really is a great product - worth every penny.
Laral C.
West Hills, CA

The BraBall bra saver is my answer to keeping my bras clean!  I am very lazy when it comes to washing bras by hand, in buckets, hanging dry, etc...  It works like a dream!  It keeps the shape of my expensive bras, and gets them clean, and removes excess water since they are able to spin in the washer.  Then you just hang dry, and your bras are like new the next morning!  I recommend this product to all women!!
Sarah R.
Orange County, CA

Buying Bra Ball as Christmas Gift"I love my Braball! I don't have to worry about my bras tangling in the washing machine anymore and it's great for my molded bras (no bunching). I just can't wait for the larger sized ones to come out. I know what I'm buying my mom for Christmas this year!"
Andrea Gomez
Austin, TX

I like my Bra ball bra saver very much. I went on a trip to Costa Rica and took it with me to visit my sister. Guess what: I lost it to her! She said it has saved all her crooked underwires and loosing them in the washer. She is blessed, she wears normal bras and she is happy she no longer has to pull the wires back in shape. You girls out there, it works great. Thanks
Christa W.
Chaska, MN

I love the bra ball bra saver it works exactly as advertised. It is easy to use. My bras are at least $40 a piece. They use to last maybe 3 months. I've been using the bra ball, bras are in as good condition as when I bought them. I would recommend this product to anyone and I have. Thank you!
Virginia H.
Jefferson, NC

I had never handwashed an article of clothing before. I ignored the label on one of my fancy bras and put it in the machine anyway - and it came out all lumpy. Whoops. Not wanting to ruin the rest of my very expensive bras, but having neither the time (I'm a full-time law student) nor the knowledge of how to effectively handwash a bra, I turned to the faithful internet. By searching for "how to handwash a bra," I came across the BraBall website. I ordered one, tried it out, and it not only suited my laziness (I like doing laundry because it's a passive activity) but also my need - the bras come out perfectly clean without getting wrecked, and I don't have to spend more than a few extra seconds to put them in the BraBalls to achieve these results. I've since ordered more - for me, for my friends, and for both my mother and mother-in-law for Mother's Day!
Bree R.
Minneapolis, MN

"I'm going to tell all of my friends about this awesome new invention. It's my favorite new thing. Thank you so much!"
Kate S.
Dallas, TX

"I bought one Braball to test it out (I have many t-shirt bras that easily lose their shape). I think I will get more as it is easier than hand washing. I also use the braball for travel, to protect my bra from getting squished in the suitcase. Great Idea!"
Rachelle Plante
Glenview, IL

"Thanks for providing such an easy and efficient way to wash my bras! I'm very pleased with the Braball; I'll never go back to hand washing. It's definitely worth the money, in terms of convenience and time saved, to be able to pop the Braball right into my washing machine."
Mary B., Ph.D.
Madison, WI

"I am very pleased with my BraBall bra saver! It is nice to be able to put more than one bra in it and know that my bras will not be twisted and warped by my washing machine. Thanks for helping me save money and my bras!!!"
Stephanie H.
West Monroe, LA

"I love it! It works great! I used to wash my bras by hand and they would still have the "worn" scent or have deodorant stains on them. When I took them out of the washer, they were the cleanest I've seen them since I bought them and the cup shape was untouched! Thanks for the great invention!"
Leslie H.
Los Altos, CA

"I love my Braball bra saver! Hand washing bras is a hassle and it does not fit in to my busy schedule. I'm also convinced that the washing machine provides a much more thorough cleaning, but over time it damages the bra's padding. High quality bras are expensive and need special care. That's why I'm so excited that I found the braball! It's convenient, effective, easy to use and it protects the delicate form of the bra's padding every time it goes through the washing machine. It's such a great product, I think I'll buy them as gifts for friends! "
Aimee M.
Ladera Ranch, CA

"The BraBall bra saver is easy to use and works like a dream! I first purchased your competitor's product(brababy) and was very disappointed. The whole thing fell apart on me with the first wash! When I noticed your guarantee, I felt comfortable giving it a try. And I'm so glad I did! Thank you for making a quality product."
Jennifer C.
Houston, TX

"I have used the braball bra saver twice and so far I LOVE it! My bras stay nce and are definitely clean. I will buy the size D braball when it becomes available in the summer. I bought the braball bra saver to protect my expensive bras. So far, I am glad I did so!!"
Jessica A.
Delmar, MD

"I am very impressed with the Bra Balls bra saver. They work great! As a grad student, I don't have much free time so I love not having to handwash my bras. I will be recommending these to family and friends."
Angela L.
Toronto, ON, Canada

"My bra came out looking perfect. I have since told everyone about them. Unlike the competitor's product, the strap coming lose was not a problem since the holes are small."
Christine L.
Cleveland Heights, OH

"I have used the BraBall bra saver twice and I am very happy with the results. I have only tried it with one bra, but am anxious to see how it works with more than one. "
Michelle V.
Bonham, TX

"I specifically ordered this type of bra washer because I needed one that:
1) would not come apart/unlock in the washer,
2) ideally handle more than 1 bra at a time,
3) would last for years,
4) be useable for several sizes, since we have 3 females in the family, and, in summary,
needed a product that was worth the money I was about to spend.
I purchased 2 bra balls, and they have both been excellent quality, and well worth the money - absolutely no regrets!"
Sheryl C.
Albuquerque, NM

"I love it. I have three daughters and there is a lot of laundering here. I can fit in 2-3 per side and it does the job it needs to do. I will need another when my oldest goes off to college!"
Tina P.
Marion, IA

"The BraBall bra saver is a great product and was carefully made and tested to ensure that it will completely protect your bras. I purchased 5 this past Christmas and everyone was very excited to try out their new BraBall. This product is a life saver and a money saver - no more bra straps wound around the washing machine and no more disfigured bras."
Tara R.
Virgina Beach, VA

"I just used my two BraBall bra savers for the first time and they were really easy to use. It was nice to not have to worry about my bras getting bent out of shape or rush to rescue them after the wash was finished. It seemed sturdy and I look forward to using them for many washes going forward. These are a great idea and made me think, "Why didn't I think of that?!"
Elizabeth M.
San Francisco, CA

"The braball has worked great so far, despite it's funny name :-) I am terribly lazy and can't be bothered to wash my bras by hand. As a result, I have destroyed more than one bra by throwing it in the washing machine. Even netted lingerie bags didn't provide enough protection to keep the padding intact after a wash. It works wonderfully--the padding, fabric, and straps all survive the wash with no problems.
I noticed another customer comment that she had trouble fitting it into her washing machine. For what it's worth, I have a standard size top loading washer and it fits just fine! Thanks so much!"
Cordova, Tennessee

"The product is very good and has worked well for us so far."
Juliana T.
New York, NY

"This is a dream come true!! I was so tired of throwing away good bras only after using for 1 year. It was also a pain to fill up my sink every week to wash so many bras. Now...all I have to do is load them into the bra saver and the rest is a piece of cake. I'm really happy that I purchased two BraBalls as it saves me even more time. Now I can buy bras and don't have to worry about throwing them away in such a short period of time. I am definitely going to share this product with my co-workers and family and friends. Can't thank you enough!!"
Beverly P.
Valley Stream, NY

"I'm extremely pleased with the product and have begun singing your praises to my sisters and girlfriends. I have used it twice. Love it - what a difference it makes in preserving quality!"
April H.
Fairport, NY

"I am so happy to have bra balls bra saver. I've tried other products that were supposed to protect bras in the washing machine but they were flimsy and broke easily. Bra balls devices are sturdy and have lasted with continuous use to protect my expensive bras in the washing machine. The years of hand washing bras is finally over. I have even purchased them for family members as gifts."
Nancy R.
Whittier, CA

"The BraBall actually works. I have misshapen water/gel bras from throwing them in the wash and forgetting to take them out right away. But with the BraBall bra saver, my bras come out in perfect shape. When I washed my bras in the sink they would not come out perfectly clean, but with the bra saver I can use the same detergent and power of my regular wash but the bras are protected."
Jennifer B.
Mokena, IL

"The BraBall bra saver is a GREAT product! I hate washing my bras by hand, so I would throw them in my washing machine which would ruin them over time. This product is so simple and easy to use. I can even wash my more expensive gel bras in the washing machine now. I will be encouraging all my friends to buy some. "
Jennifer R.

"The BraBall bra saver is wonderful! It is so easy to use and save me tons of money by not having to buy new bras because of damage due to machine washing or hand washing. What a great invention!"
Angie H.

"The BraBall bra saver is a quality product that definitely makes a difference in extending the life of my bras. I would definitely recommend the product to others."
Ellen T.

"My wife and daughter provided me with 3 Victoria Secret bras size 34 C, and one 32 A. They all fit into the ball and I used a laundromat's large vertical front loading washer. The ball worked perfectly. Thank you for making my laundry chore a little easier."
Jim H.
Chicago, IL

"I am sorry because I haven't answered before. But it is because I live in Brazil. I have bought the BraBall bra saver through the internet, it was delivered at a friend's house that lives there in the US and he sent it to me. But the BraBall only got here in Brazil on last June 29. I have tried another product that is similar to the BraBall bra saver, but I can say that the BraBall is really much better! It's a great product and I recommend it. I just wish I could find the BraBall bra saver here in Brazil. I think it would succeed and you would sell it a lot. "
Elisangela C.

"I am very pleased with my BraBall purchase. I have purchased the BraBaby in the past and was very disappointed with my purchase. BraBall bra saver is the best choice."
Misty G.
Lubbock, TX

"You have a great product in your hands. It saved me so much time and work ... I was going to buy the other brand that is cheaper, but after reading the reviews I decided to go with the Bra Ball and I can tell that I don't regret. It's worth every penny!!!"
Ana P. B. D.

"An excellent product! What a brilliant invention and what a bra-saver!"
Jeff S.

"I bought four of them at once and am so happy I did. I had seen the cheaper ones in magazines and on comercials but have learned over the years that "you get what you pay for" so I went on-line and found the BraBall bra saver. I took a chance and WOW it really does work. I went out and bought all new bras over a month ago and they still look new. None of the padding has shifted, the underwire isn't starting to poke thru and all the lace and satin is still perfect. It is like I have been washing them by hand. The BraBall bra saver works great on the front loading machines too, that is what I have. Remember, one isn't enough, especially if you have more than one female in the house. Thank you!!"
Dr. Diane P.
Mohrsville, PA

"I must say that not only do you have a great new product "BraBall bra savers" which works perfectly, but you also have excellent customer care. I am very glad to have purchased it and will highly recommend it."
Francine B.
Ottowa Ontario Canada

"When I recently purchased the BraBall bra saver I admit I was skeptical. It sounded like a gimmic. How pleasantly surprised I was to find it to be a product that does what it claims to do. It definitely keeps bras in good shape, prolongs usage and is easy to use. I thoroughly enjoy using the BraBall bra saver. It would make a wonderful and unexpected gift for anyone who wears molded bras. Well done!"
Cheryl J.
Charleston, SC

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